Thursday, May 31, 2012

Silo - Dumpster - Wood - Rope Luxury Home!

Ok, so if you have a spare silo, an extra dumpster or two, some rope and some wood...well, I'd say you are well on your way to a wisely resourced, very cool style
  • take the Silo - and a grain bin, if you have that too) and make it a house. 
  • Forgo the granite for the cooler and gorgeous aluminum shavings-countertops.
  • Don't forget to add storage. 
  • Perhaps clean out one dumpster and re-fit it as a guest suite for the in-laws. 
  • Take the other dumpster and convert that into a pool. The kids will Love it. 
  • Don't forget to put a rope swing out there too.
  • then add a special touch...
but see for yourself

Converted Silo and Grain Bin 
(I spy wooden ceiling beams inside):

Aluminum shavings outshine granite in the kitchen:

Inside, you might add some rustic bathroom storage:

A house ( "guest suite?") made out of a dumpster:

This takes the "dumpster diving" concept to a whole new level. 
But don't. Not deep enough!

  Hmmm....maybe a very large dumpster and some potted plants...

Tree swing...

And the final touch: a pretty flower in an old tin can, 
hung onto the knob of that old recycled door:

Recycled Elegance.

Have a great day!

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