Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Maurice Sendak: bookshelf happiness

Here is sort of a repeat of a post I did in late September ~~
 Maurice Sendak: made living easier for us all.
His art should be in every home, from industrial to bohemian, from classic, to modern, from get the idea. His mind was a like an endless cabinet  -- or like Mary Poppins' bottomless travel bag: overflowing with impossible possibilities:

From this:                                                                          To this:

Maurice Sendak's gift :
Normalizing and smoothing out our rough edges...

This very long image (which can be minimized so you can see it more easily on a computer) is a wonderful wall mural done by Maurice Sendak in 1961 for friends, the Chertoffs. It is now known as The Chertoff Mural, and it has just been donated to the Rosenbach Museum and Library, (home of the MauriceSendak Gallery) where it is being restored before being displayed. 
 You can read more about it at, here.


Maurice Sendak instinctively smoothed out and normalized the rough edges of life. He depicted children and animals and beasts, but it applies to us all.

Have a smooth day!

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