Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stairway Gallery Ideas

Greetings, design people!
 I have been gathering these  ( I call them stair-galleries)  images for a while. 
 I want you to see what I consider to be a wide variety of  smart, appealing
 and creative stairway / stairwell magic.

(isn't this space amazing!?)

I suppose that with the right artist you could really design a stairway to match this:

And, if you don't have stairways to display artwork, 
find some artwork to display stairs! ha-ha!...
but seriously, look at how cool this artwork is:

That's not all there is, as you probably know. 
For example, have you seen the stairwell with the rug-beater collection?
 It's awesome.

Pearl of  (dare-I-say-it) Wisdom  from Valerie:
Unless the weather is Frightful, 
go out and do something Delightful!


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