Monday, May 28, 2012

Apothecary Cabinets + Rustic Kitchen Charm

The Apothecary Cabinet:
So many of us are in love with these old apothecary drawers, or we try to imitate the style in our new construction and design. I am not sure I get the Why of this attraction, but I've got it bad...
 I mean, on a practical note, who is able to remember what is in each of those tiny drawers?  
Some apothecary drawers are more or less something like 6 down  by 6 across = 36 drawers! 
For me, the solution is to keep the look of many small drawers, which  actually cover no more than one or two larger,more usable storage space drawers.
These are some great examples:

It's a look that everyone wants to have or to emulate. Today's "apothecary"
is the Pharmacist. Hmm...I wonder if we should all gout and stalk pharmacies and other medical dispensaries for more cool design ideas!

Have a great day!

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