Monday, May 21, 2012

Best Celebrity Kitchens

Dear Kitchen --

   Kitchen, love, I am disliking you right now.  You need ...oh, I don't know. A lot. You're stuck in the 80's, even though...well, despite lack of funds, I have tried mightily to bring you into this millenium. With money tight, I guess I've done as well as can be expected. But if I had more, I'd be stealing ideas from these famous kitchens, giving you the makeover you SO deserve. I want to love you again...

Paula Deen : I want that tool tray. It's a great touch!

Andie MacDowell

Celine Dion

Jerry Seinfeld


Meg Ryan:

P.S. Kitchen, I know you work hard, and I love you for YOU. But I'd lke to love you for your sheer gorgeousness. I know you want to be beautiful too. We're in this together.

Be Strong!

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