Friday, December 16, 2011

Mirror Chic...

Hey There, Hectic Holiday People~

Take a look, (or save it for after the holidays, but don't forget)
These mirrors are all fun to look at, great for decorating ideas, fun to re-blog about, and the rooms and the decor... are Just Simple, Pleasing Design... 


 or, in this gorgeous instance, shiny wreath on mirror on mirror:

 I'm going to be very ME now and remind you of something:
 Each one of us needs to look in the mirror and KNOW, as we notice flaws, wrinkles, etc,  that
 The-Fairest-One-of-All may not look it on the outside...
the Goodness of a person is what creates her true beauty. 
You can trust people to know that. 

Have a Beautiful Day!

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