Wednesday, December 21, 2011

For the Kitchen: Glass Countertops and Glass Backsplashes

Glass beauty! 
There is such a huge variety of glass counter top looks for kitchens these days. 
A bit costly, but the shiny, natural, elegant look goes with any style. It can be made into any color and shape, and mixes well with other materials. Some really great ideas here...

If I had not noticed that it can cost $300.00 per sq. foot, I would have picked this as top choice for a kitchen renovation. But even a small part of the kitchen counters and/or backsplash can be done with is money (if you have it) beautifully spent!

Have a beautiful Day!

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  1. “...but the shiny, natural, elegant look goes with any style.” – This is definitely the reason why people love glass addition into their home. From all the photos you posted above, the second to the last picture is my favorite. It has a simple design and have few accessories and yet it still looks so elegant. I wished I could transform my old kitchen into that. Fingers crossed for me. =)

    |Bonita Bramer|

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