Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why Your Christmas Tree Doesn't Have to be the Usual Tree

 Unless you have children, who really need that solid, traditional tree, ( and the stockings, Santa and the presents), you CAN skip the usual hours-long Christmas Tree Experience
 And still celebrate as fully as anyone.
   Your "tree" can be anything that celebrates the season and makes you feel good!
 These images prove it. 
You will see  twigs in a tin bucket, pieces of old wood nailed together, a rearranged bookshelf, and more...

my favorite:

A round grill at the ceiling, with  fishing line hanging down, holding these ornaments:


Pick this trio up at your favorite gift + home decor shop.
 It will take no time to set up and take down each year.

Or this, which is also too simple!

This one, below,  is in so many Christmas stores these days. You can RENT rent one already decorated! Many will put it up in your home for you. Upside down, if you wish.

I could never summon the patience to do this:

Have a great, Christmas-Season-y Day!


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