Thursday, December 29, 2011

Special Rooms + Wallpaper

I think these rooms are Awesome...
I am very, very picky about wallpaper, and my favorite usually involves birds.
 But here are rooms that I could not have imagined: 
careful, beautifully done rooms, 
with just the Right Wallpaper to make it happen:

The boys would go for this...

 just LOVE this!!!!


In the New Year, you might wish you could  afford to spruce up a room
 with some wonderful wallpaper...why not go for the best, 
use it sparingly, economically, and pat yourself on the back!

that small panel of wallpaper: wow


What I love about the Interior Design process is that it is so much more powerful than most people think. It is able to create a mood, set a scene, send a message...or just allow you to

Have a Special Day!


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