Thursday, November 3, 2011

Windows that Make the Room

An  Opinionated and Happy Look at  Windows

The following characteristics make such GORGEOUS windows:

Huge Panes
Made of Metal
Often Casement
Factory style
With Latches

A Huge Favorite!


Casement! Gold hardware! Lovely!

Another Favorite:

And Another Favorite:

Oh my, Another Favorite and look at the cat! :

Perfect for views to wake up to!

Ah, yes, love those casements...

Industrial Luxury! All because of those great windows:

Oh I love this room. The windows are like the icing ON THE CAKE.

MORE windows? Yes!  From just-discovered  Summerour Architects.  Ain't it Grand!

SHARP intake of breath...and slow exhale... beautiful

                            The windows reveal a lush expanse of garden, trees, and sky...

Hard to pick a favorite, but I'm asking you anyway: Which is(are) your favorite(s) ?

Have a Happy Day!


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