Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Beautiful, Brilliant, Sustainable Architecture!

My daughter found and showed me this Beautiful, Innovative Underground House:  

I have seen other underground houses, houses in caves, etc, and they each have some very interesting features. Temperature control and preservation of the existing landscape seem to be the main benefits of these homes. Having paid way too much for a/c and heating in my home, I think that new ideas in architecture featuring sustainability are so exciting...but not perfect. I do worry about the cave and underground dwellers who deal with sand or moisture issues....

This home is different -- in addition to being all about sustainability ,preservation of landscape, and temperature control,  it has every benefit that anyone could ever hope for -- and more. Despite an 8" sod 
roof ,and a location that can only be called underground, this house has  plenty of light, space and air, and 
the most fantastic Big Sur views!  It's design allows for creative fun with the interor design as well. My current favorite architect, therefore: Mickey Muinnig.  

Take a look:

In this bedroom  image, you can see that the roof/ceiling is 
wonderfully designed with the house-long skylight running across it.
 And what a serene, beautiful modern-style bedroom:

More brilliant Mickey Muennig architecture 

It's a busy Tuesday; thanks for taking a gander through my blog!

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