Friday, November 11, 2011

11-11-11 + Rooms for a Scorpio



Apophenia describes the human tendency to find meaning or patterns in randomly occurring data. This condition feeds on itself, because the more conscious you are of something — such as Friday the 13th, or repeating 11s, or Astrological Signs based on birthdate — the more often you'll notice it in the world around you, and thus the more certain you'll become that the pattern is real.

There is nothing to fear about 11/11/11. There is no reason to be optimistic about the date, either...Unless you remember that it is on a Friday, and would be a fun excuse for a party!
So enjoy the day, make a wish, and have fun with this stuff!

ON A SIMILAR NOTE>>>>>>>>>>>>

Fun with Astrology. 
Here are some rooms that fit with the "typical" description of  Scorpio. Although I am a Cancer on the cusp of Gemini,  I think I could be quite happy in most of these. 
See what you think:

The Sign of Scorpio (October 24 to November 22):
Passionate, romantic, private, intense,  insightful, wise, + very determined.: This person would be drawn to a room with a sense of mystery, privacy, romance. Touches of intricate pattern or  tapestry, intense color and the use of antiques would fit this person well. 

This last one is too black for me, but does have a certain romantic, private, mysterious vibe that fits well with the description of the Scorpio sign.  

And below is part of a tapestry representing the Scorpion sign in the sky...

Ideas come from ALL over, don't they?!

Have a LUCKY day!

: ) 


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