Friday, November 25, 2011

Where are Black Friday's Best Deals This Year?

I will not be out shopping on Black Friday unless it is to visit a few small local independent shops. They often have amazing holiday sales..  At the malls and mega-store, the deals are great for the aggressive early birds, but not worth the craziness of the day.

I could bore you with my "tips" about where the best sales are,  but I realized, after seeing this wonderful website, , that it has been done, very very well.
It is so  well organized, an easy-to-digest  series of posts telling you what stores have which items, in which categories...all spelled out. So go there, and I bow to the wizards of!

Where are the best deals for YOU?

Malls and Mega stores


                                                                 Small independent stores

Our small businesses need our support....but can they give us the great deals?

I hope parking spots are easy to find for those of you braving the crowds...
Have a friendly, + rewarding day!


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