Monday, November 14, 2011

Old South Style Update in Atlanta

Here is the 2-minute summary of what was a most wonderful, unique remodel.

A bit outdated, and viewed inan unfortunately bad photo, this home appears to be perfectly fine. To update it  would seem to be a simple matter of shutter changes, lighting and hardware updates, perhaps painting the brick white, and sprucing up the landscaping. But this remodel took it a couple of steps further, by, for example, adding a front second-story balcony, widening the front door, and reworking the other parts of the house.

This Southern Belle is the AFTER:

 It's amazing. 
It's still a very traditional home -- in fact, it is actually more traditional in the Old South, Atlanta style  --  
but completely fresh, open, warm, and inviting.
                                                   And this new classic is totally up-to-date.

                     Below is the entire remodel, by Bradley E Heppner Architecture, of Atlanta, GA.
                         I'll spare you all of my gushing praise adjectives, but I am thinking them!

Atlanta does not have ocean views, pastoral scenery, or mountain landscapes.
And, in the suburban areas, of course, there are no exciting big city views. 

So the house really has to DO it for you. 
This one does it for me. 

I hope you enjoyed it!!!!!!!!
Have a great day!


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