Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wallpaper Style for Any Room

Here are  a few wonderful wallpaper ideas: 

                    Love this vintage reproduction:


But before we continue, I must warn any of you thinking about striped wallpaper: Don't Do It.

It begins to have a slightly jarring effect if it's too "loud" or too all-over-the-place... the lines start to get wavy, and it is a tad nauseaing. Sort of the Alfred Hitchcok Preents effect.... Now back to the fun stuff:

The creativity and the beauty of these rooms makes me want to go out and pick out wallpaper today! But I haven't used wallpaper in years. I was too traumatized by my last forays in that arena...You will never see a wallpaper DIY here.  Unless you are very handy, and I am N-O-T handy, hire a pro to put up and take down wallpaper. I had to face up to the embarrassing fact that I'm not patient enough to do it correctly. 

Have a great day!

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