Monday, July 16, 2012

Make up a Room

The first several images are of pieces that I fancy. I don't think I would ever actually buy any of them. (Budget, you know.) I imagine they would go well in the same room, but I could be wrong...but it's fun to imagine~

The Classic Audubon Pelican Print:

A poised, serene, unique sofa,

A Happy Area Rug:

A couple of put-your-feet-up/extra seating tables:
A pair of gorgeous lamps:

A broad coffee table for games, drinks, snacks...

And some ready-made dreams:

I would love this bathroom

...and this bedroom with its wonderful designs
and navy/gold color mix:

I could go on and on...couldn't we all!?
Have a great day!

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  1. I was once in a house (on a tour of homes) that is owned by a woman from New Orleans. She had some first edition Audubon prints from the 1800s - they belonged to her grandparents - they were magnificent!