Friday, July 6, 2012

Kitchen Style: Open Shelving

Open-shelving PRO: It looks great and it's practical because it's easy to see what you have and forces you not to just shove things away into hiding.
Open-shelving CON: Dust =extra work, like dusting each item - and around the items - to get the shelf clean, rinsing off each item before use. Can look cluttered. 

The pros and cons are even in my book, and the winner is always 
put up as much open shelving as you can comfortably maintain.

If you have the self-discipline to keep the colors and items 
as orderly as these then go for this pretty, stylish kitchen:

Here the discipline is far less rigid and
 the look is an updated, smart, friendly look:

I absolutely LOVE this stove shelf for the kitchen:

Open shelving for a pretty collection of tea-time vessels:


Glass-fronted cabinets are another option...
Have a great day!

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