Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Sun Always Shines When the Walls are Yellow

Tired of too many gray days, roller-coaster temperature swings...ugh! 
Well, the sun is out and the chill is GONE in these rooms:

That roaring fire, hot chocolate, and  the yellow walls keep the chill out and the sunny warmth IN!

Have a warm, cozy, and bright day!

: )

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Noble House Plant

The working stiff in the world of interior design, the big-hearted houseplant is the all-purpose go-to item when nothing else seems to work...

 I L O V E each one of these rooms!

Let's all appreciate the Noble Houseplant. 
Water them, feed them, and give them the sunshine they need.

Plants make the cat apparatus look MUCH better!! That is a tiny live tree:

Mother Nature has been so unpredictable lately, but indoors, all is serene, lovely, and stable, thanks to the addition of plants.

Have a Naturally Wonderful Day!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Create Happiness with Angry Birds Decor + More

In the very unlikely event that you don't know, Angry Birds is a video game. A sensationally popular game. Angry Bird theme parties, clothes, costumes, toys and interior decor accessories (!!!) are out there, and they are hot!  Think Holiday / Birthday Gifts...

Angry Birds Wall Decor for the Kids

Angry Birds Speakers:

Angry Birds Pillows:

Angry Birds Toys:

 Angry Birds Cake (!!!):

Angry Birds T-shirt for men, women, children:

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dinner Gong DIY

This is sort of DIY and a Very Witty Idea from 
Natural Home and Garden magazine.

1. The gong stand’s “legs” are 1/2- by 3-inch salvaged boards cut 12 inches long. Using a jigsaw, cut a 11/2-inch-square hole centered about 11/2 inches from the end.
2. Use chopsticks for the “pins” that fasten the pieces of the stand together. Cut the sharp tips off the chopsticks and use 21/4 inches of the tapered section for the joint at the base. Cut the top section 23/4 inches long and round the tips with sandpaper.
3. For the crosspiece, cut a salvaged 2-by-2 board 18 inches long with a 45-degree angle at each end. Then drill a 3/8-inch hole 5 inches from each end. Slide the legs onto the crosspiece through the square holes and stand it up.
4. The top pin will enter the drilled hole in the crosspiece from the outside of the leg and exit through the inside, pinning the structure together. You may need to enlarge the underside of the hole for the pin to get through; a hammer tap might help.
5. The base is a salvaged board, wider than the legs, cut 21 inches long. Set the stand on the base and mark the outside of the legs for a 3/16-inch hole. Tap in the bottom pin, which will keep the stand’s legs from spreading outward.
6. A rat-tail file makes a notch where the wooden spoon striker sits atop the gong. The pan lid or tile blade can be suspended on a leather or nylon lace.

Read more about this here, and have everyone at the dinner table on time!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Really, Truly, Inspiring Rooms

Great great ideas in each and every shot!
 Kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom.

I wish I could do all of these....!

Have an Innovative Day!

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Where are Black Friday's Best Deals This Year?

I will not be out shopping on Black Friday unless it is to visit a few small local independent shops. They often have amazing holiday sales..  At the malls and mega-store, the deals are great for the aggressive early birds, but not worth the craziness of the day.

I could bore you with my "tips" about where the best sales are,  but I realized, after seeing this wonderful website, , that it has been done, very very well.
It is so  well organized, an easy-to-digest  series of posts telling you what stores have which items, in which categories...all spelled out. So go there, and I bow to the wizards of!

Where are the best deals for YOU?

Malls and Mega stores


                                                                 Small independent stores

Our small businesses need our support....but can they give us the great deals?

I hope parking spots are easy to find for those of you braving the crowds...
Have a friendly, + rewarding day!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Super + Easy Gifts That Everyone Will Love!

You can worry about your homemade, DIY treats and gifts, visiting, visitors, travel, family relations, food, entertaining, more travel, decorations and the tree on another day...

Time for Super + Easy Gifts!

If this can be done in one morning, you have cut your Holiday Season Worries by 20 to 40 %.

Kids have wish lists, usually shared with the parents and close relatives. 


 3 standard decks of playing cards -- or 3 sets of Tower Blocks for the much younger crowd --  work extremely well if you do not fit into that wish-list category.

  Adults usually do not have wish lists

( Unless the items on it include things like a penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park in NYC ,which - ahem -  would be SO nice!!!) 

Here are the easiest ideas -- remember, these are IDEAS -  that work for in-laws, parents, close friends, business connection types, and maybe yourself 

Fig Luxury Spa and Gourmet French Gift Basket:


Baby Alpaca Cashmere Throw ( $385.00 and worth it! Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams store)
Milano Chenille Throw (39.99 Bed, Bath + Beyond)

Pet Bed

Magazine, Newspaper Subscriptions
Unusual Playing cards:


Sony Motorola TZ700 Roadster Bluetooth Car Speakerphone:In additionb to hands-free phone calls, this thing allows you to dictate text messages, have messages read to you -- while your eyes are on the road.


And then there is always wine, 

and jewelry!

You may have variations on these themes and other simple ideas that come to mind.
 Please Share them!
Write out your list, go online, and   ...   Get.It.Done.

Have a wonderful Holiday-Festivity kind of day!

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